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Fresh pasta dough

For the best home-made pasta dough the ingredients are one large egg for every 115g (4oz) flour, You may need to add more flour sometimes, as some flours absorb liquid differently, what you need to achieve is a dough which has been kneaded until it is perfectly smooth and elastic, but firm. This recipe makes 450g dough.

I use semolina flour for rolling out the dough. This helps it from sticking. A good one can be found at https://www.souschef.co.uk/products/durum-semolina

The pasta I made for the Ragu was hand cut Pappardelle, but you can use the attachments that come with a pasta machine to make either tagliatelle or linguine.

This quantity is enough for 4 as a main course


300g ‘00’ or pasta flour

3 large eggs

a large pinch of salt

Semolina flour


  • Sift the flour and salt onto your work surface. Make a well in the centre and break in the eggs, add the water and salt.

  • Break up the eggs and beat with a fork, then gradually work in the flour. Continue until it becomes difficult to work with the fork.

  • Using clean hands, work in the remainder of the four, it should make a coarse paste. If it is really wet add some more flour., or dry a little water.

  • Then knead the dough. If you have an elecric mixer, put the dough into a floured bowl, and using the dough hook set it going slowly. Knead for 5 minutes until you have a smooth, elastic and workable dough. Rest for 30 minutes, on the work surface covered by a cloth.

  • If you need to do the kneading by hand, flour your work surface and pull one side of the dough towards you with your finger tips , then push away with your knuckles or the palm of your hands, work the dough this way in a circle continuously for about 5 minutes, flouring the work surface and your hands from time to time. Rest as above.

  • When ready to use, set up the pasta machine and starting on the widest setting, roll the dough through dusted with semolina flour so that it doesn’t stick. Fold the pasta into two and roll through again. Repeat this 5 times, dusting with the semolina flour each time until you have a really smooth and well shaped piece of pasta dough.

  • Turn the machine down 1 notch and roll through again, dusting between each rolling. Continue working back through the settings of the machine until you achieve the thickness that you want, usually the 2nd to last for lasagne and the last for ravioli, tagliatelle and linguine.

  • Cut the pasta through the machine as required.

  • Have a large pan of water boiling ready, use 1 of water to 110g of pasta and 2 tsp of salt.

  • Drop in the pasta stir occasionally to stop it from sticking tagliatelle or linguine take 2-3 minutes. Drain but always keep some of the cooking water to add to your sauce.

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