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Afternoon tea pinwheels

The pinwheels are very easy and can be made a day in advance. They hold together really well, and although I’m not a fan of white bread this actually tastes really nice, just like cucumber sandwiches do too in white bread! If you use brown bread, a multi seed works well, something with a bit of moisture, wholemeal can be a bit tricky to roll out. They can have pate in too, don’t overfill as they will be difficult to roll up.

Makes approximately 32-40


8 stalks asparagus

4 slices soft white sandwich bread

4 slices soft whole grain sandwich bread

100g Cream cheese

100g smoked salmon

Lemon juice

Black pepper


  • Bring a pan of water to the boil and cook the asparagus for 1 minute, drain and run cold water over them to cool them down. Leave to drain on some kitchen paper.

  • Cut the crusts from the sliced bread

  • Roll the slices of bread out with a rolling pin until they are completely flat and squashed

  • Spread the slices of bread with cream cheese. Season with salt and pepper

  • On the white slices of bread lay a stalk of asparagus across the shortest side, then roll up tightly.

  • On the brown slices of bread, cover with smoked salmon, squeeze over a little lemon juice, then roll up tightly and wrap in cling film.

  • Chill all the pinwheels for an hour in the fridge.

  • Remove from the fridge and slice the pinwheels at an angle, about 1 cm thick.

  • They can be made a day in advance and kept wrapped in an airtight container.

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